Tattoo shop in Kyiv

Cartel Tattoo Odesa Zhukovskoho, 14, Odesa, Odesa region, Ukraine, 65026
Odesa: +38 (091) 991 00 00 [email protected]
Cartel Tattoo Kyiv Turhenievska, 81, Kiev, Kiev region, Ukraine, 04053
Kyiv: +38 (050) 613 00 00 [email protected]
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Over 8 years of experience in the tattoo field, at the numerous requests of our clients from all over Ukraine, we decided to expand our creative presence in Ukraine and opened a studio in the capital, Kiev. Tattoo Studio in Kiev “Cartel Tatu” is now a brand, originally from sunny Odessa. Our main priority is customer joy, quality, sterility and service. We invited masters from all over Ukraine, conducted a thorough selection of candidates. Now, all Kievans have the opportunity to have a good time, get professional advice, pick up a sketch, discuss all the details and finally make a quality tattoo in Kiev.


Tattoo in the modern world is a way of self-expression. With it, you can not only decorate the body, but also emphasize your personality. There are an unlimited number of options: from minimalistic graphics to large-scale works in realism. Decide on the style, and our masters will help you with the sketch.


With us you can do classic and extreme piercings, as well as purchase jewelry. A puncture is done in a matter of minutes, but the skill of the master and sterility are very important. Be responsible and do not forget about leaving!

Laser tattoo removal

Removing a tired or poor-quality tattoo is a long process, but effective. You can also lighten the tattoo and prepare it for overlapping. The procedure is carried out by a qualified craftsman using a neodymium laser.

Tattoo artist training

If you have the makings of an artist and a desire to learn a new profession that is in demand all over the world, we will be happy to help you! Our studio has prepared a course of artistic tattoos for beginners.

Gleb Pisarev

Realism, Black and Gray

I carry out mainly voluminous projects in the styles of realism, black and gray. I’m not working for speed, because I am attentive to your wishes and the small details of the sketches.

Anastasia Pashkovskaya

Graphics, Blackwork, Dotwork

I work in the styles of graphics, blackwork, finishing.
in tattoo I give preference to my own sketches. My drawings combine subtle contours and a…

Tanya Zhu

Graphics, Neotraditional, Watercolor

I have long fallen in love with the tattoo industry. My first tattoo appeared at the age of 13, and from that moment I “planned” all my
body under the sketches. 😅
I started to get a tattoo about 3 years ago, thanks to my future husband, who…

Olya Shilipuk

Graphics, Watercolor

In the tattoo, I like both tender and gloomy motifs.
for me, tattooing is an art, not a conveyor belt. therefore, we will certainly discuss your idea and agree on an individual sketch in advance!
I work with clean skin, and also make corrections, additions, overlapping…

Lena Piercer


For me, piercing is one of the ways to bring something new to the life of an individual. I know how often the idea of modifying the body can not leave my thoughts for a long time. I appreciate the responsible approach to choosing…

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