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Igor Mykha

Black and Gray, Realism

It was my grandpa who got me interested in drawing, he’s an artist. My medical education and surgical practice certainly helps to be more conscious and professional through the process. I prefer Black and Gray Realism style.

Katerina B

Graphics, Line work, Whip shading, Dot work

My closest people often told me that I am a creative person. But only after passing through a long way from being a financial analyst to freelancing illustrator, I became fully engaged in art. From early childhood I loved to draw. And now my childish hobby has grown into a favourite job.

Vika Z

Watercolour, Graphics, Tattoo removal

For whole my life I was somehow connected with art.
My first steps were drawing mehendi for friends. Then my dad asked if I want to try myself as a tattoo artist. I loved his idea and started working in that direction.

Nastya Nagirnyak

Tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal Odesa Due to the growing popularity and accessibility of tattoos nowadays, appears necessity to get rid of them. Unfortunately several people ignore master’s professionality to get tattoo for lower price. Also not everyone spends enough time choosing the right sketch for themselves and makes a decision without thinking about the consequences. As a…

Katia Pierce


I have been piercing for 2 years. First of all, because I like to interact with people and make their small dreams come true. For me, piercing is interesting at every stage, so if there are questions about your puncture, its healing or jewelry change, I will be glad to help.

Gleb Pisarev

Realism, Black and Gray

I carry out mainly voluminous projects in the styles of realism, black and gray. I’m not working for speed, because I am attentive to your wishes and the small details of the sketches.

Anastasia Pashkovskaya

Graphics, Blackwork, Dotwork

I work in the styles of graphics, blackwork, finishing.
in tattoo I give preference to my own sketches. My drawings combine subtle contours and a…

Tanya Zhu

Graphics, Neotraditional, Watercolor

I have long fallen in love with the tattoo industry. My first tattoo appeared at the age of 13, and from that moment I “planned” all my
body under the sketches. ?
I started to get a tattoo about 3 years ago, thanks to my future husband, who…

Lena Piercona


For me, piercing is one of the ways to bring something new to the life of an individual. I know how often the idea of modifying the body can not leave my thoughts for a long time. I appreciate the responsible approach to choosing…