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Cartel Tattoo 14 Zhukovskoho street, Odesa, Odesa Oblast, Ukraine 65026
Phone: +38 (091) 991 00 00 Email:[email protected]
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Cartel Tattoo Studio provides professional services such as: Artistic Tattoo, Piercing, Tattoo Laser Removal. Our main goal is a quality result. And that’s why we assembled a team of professional masters for you. We use only the best, modern equipment and consumables. We guarantee strict adherence to sterility standards. Both the process and fast healing are important to us. Therefore, we offer innovative skin care products. We wish a comfortable and painless session for you, so we have a special cream which removes unpleasant sensations. Cartel Tattoo – studio in Odesa, which keeps the best European traditions.


Nowadays Tattoo is a way of self-expression. You can either decorate your body or emphasize your individuality by doing it. There are plenty of styles: from minimalism of graphics to great realistic artworks. You just need to choose the direction and relax while our team will create some magic.


Here you can make classic and extreme piercings, and purchase jewelry as well. Most popular places to be pierced: ears, nose, belly button, eyebrows, tongue, nipples and lips. It's a fast procedure, but master's skill and sterility are of great importance. Be responsible and take a good aftercare!

Laser Tattoo Removal

If you don't feel good about your old/bad-quality tattoo anymore, there's a way out of it. You can completely remove tattoo or brighten and prepare it for cover up. Procedure is carried out with a Neodymium laser.


For those who love to draw we've made a special tattoo course for English speakers. Tattoo artist is a popular profession all around the world. And you can easily master it at our studio.

Ira Sanka

Graphics, Old School, Neo Traditional

My tattoo master’s path has started about 6 years from now. I was attending Art College…I’m attracted by this special magic which appears between master and a client.

Igor Mykha

Black and Gray, Realism

It was my grandpa who got me interested in drawing, he’s an artist. My medical education and surgical practice certainly helps to be more conscious and professional through the process. I prefer Black and Gray Realism style.

Katerina B

Graphics, Line work, Whip shading, Dot work

My closest people often told me that I am a creative person. But only after passing through a long way from being a financial analyst to freelancing illustrator, I became fully engaged in art. From early childhood I loved to draw. And now my childish hobby has grown into a favourite job.

Vika Z

Watercolour, Graphics, Tattoo removal

For whole my life I was somehow connected with art.
My first steps were drawing mehendi for friends. Then my dad asked if I want to try myself as a tattoo artist. I loved his idea and started working in that direction.

Nastya Nagirnyak

Tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal Due to the growing popularity and accessibility of tattoos nowadays, appears necessity to get rid of them. Unfortunately several people ignore master’s professionality to get tattoo for lower price. Also not everyone spends enough time choosing the right sketch for themselves and makes a decision without thinking about the consequences. As a result…

Katia Pierce


Piercing Odesa Comming…   Contacts:

Ksenia Ko

Author's Style, Graphics, Piercing

I’ve created my own author’s style. I would describe it as tattoo art illustration. Each of my sketches is unique and will not be replicated. My fav tattoo style is graphics (linework, dotwork and blackwork).

Satisfied customers


  • Perfect place! All guys are very nice!! Lots of thanks to the master for his excellent work. I’m satisfied with everything)

    Dima Gusak
  • I had a very good experience at Cartel Tattoo. Very friendly and clean environment. Alexey did a beautiful job.

    Alex Kushnir
  • My master was Irina and I’ve made my first tattoo here. It was exactly as I expected and even better! I would like to notice cleanliness of studio. Sterility is taken seriously, everything is disposable, as it should be)

    Anastasia Baranovska
  • Great shop…good work…nice people!!! Thanks Cartel! ))

    Jason Cullen
  • Awesome work, gentle with the gun. Most relaxing tattoo I’ve had and the girls are super friendly!!!

    Jordan Stackis
  • They are great! I felt comfortable even though I only speak English! Administrator was so sweet and my tattoo turned out great!

    Shelly Tanner Kortesmaki
  • It’s not my first tattoo at Cartel. I love atmosphere and people are so nice and carrying. Alexey was my master and I’m very satisfied with his work. I got exactly what I wanted. I could highly recommend Cartel Tattoo Studio.

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