Cartel Tattoo 14 Zhukovskoho street, Odesa, Odesa Oblast, Ukraine 65026
Phone: +38 (091) 991 00 00 Email:[email protected]


Cartel Tattoo Studio offers a wide range of quality materials for tattoo artists.

We provide only proven supplies, which we also use ourselves.

We guarantee originality of our products. Here you can buy needles and tips for a reasonable price, tattoo inks from leading brands and other necessary stuff for comfortable working process.

Also we’re glad to represent you an innovating tool for tattoo fastest healing – film Suprasorb F. It allows you to take care of a fresh tattoo as comfortable and safe as possible. The film is breatheable, water resistant and hypoallergenic.


For any further information please contact  administrator or visit our store at Zhukovskogo str 14.


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