Tattoo artists Ukraine

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Igor Mykha

Black and Gray, Realism

It was my grandpa who got me interested in drawing, he’s an artist. My medical education and surgical practice certainly helps to be more conscious and professional through the process. I prefer Black and Gray Realism style.

Katerina B

Graphics, Line work, Whip shading, Dot work

My closest people often told me that I am a creative person. But only after passing through a long way from being a financial analyst to freelancing illustrator, I became fully engaged in art. From early childhood I loved to draw. And now my childish hobby has grown into a favourite job.

Vika Z

Watercolour, Graphics

For whole my life I was somehow connected with art.
My first steps were drawing mehendi for friends. Then my dad asked if I want to try myself as a tattoo artist. I loved his idea and started working in that direction.

Nastya Nagirnyak

Tattoo removal

Katia Pierce


I have been piercing for 2 years. First of all, because I like to interact with people and make their small dreams come true. For me, piercing is interesting at every stage, so if there are questions about your puncture, its healing or jewelry change, I will be glad to help.

Ira Sanka

Graphics, Neo Traditional, Old School, Watercolor