Tattoo is a drawing on human’s body which is made on skin using special equipment (tattoo machine) and with tattoo inks. It is being applied under the skin with disposable sterile needle (0.5-2mm depth) and stays under it forever.


Cartel Tattoo masters use only clinically approved materials and world’s leading brands` tattoo equipment. Strict sanitary standarts are being observed in our studio to guarantee high level of safeness during procedure. Sterility and master’s skills are of great importance for us.


Tattoos are divided into styles, types (coloured / monochrome) and there are different ways of applying it on the skin as well.

These are tattoo basic styles: graphics, realism, biomechanics, japanese style, old (new) school, (neo) traditional, chicano, dotwork, blackwork, watercolour technique, trash polka, polynesian, tribal. You can make tattoo of any kind and complexity at our studio.


Tattoo meanings. In our days tattoo is a way of self-expression and body modification. It’s up to you whether you put a meaning in your tattoo or it’s just a drawing on your skin.


Tips: how to prepare for a tattoo session. These are three most important tips which let you feel comfortable while making a tattoo. Have a good sleep, do not drink alcohol and eat well before the session. Tattoo is a stress for your body. So be responsible and use our recommendations.


Tattoo prices in Odessa may vary because it depends on such parameters:

  • size and complexity of sketch,
  • body part where it will be located,
  • master’s experience,
  • quality of materials.

That’s why you can make a reasonable conclusion: quality tattoo is expensive.  And unfortunatelly low price couldn’t be an attribute of good work.


Duration of tattoo session depends on tattoo size and complexity. It may take different time depending on your skin type, pain threshold, rests (in case if you want to have a snack/coffee break/cigarette).


What to do after session. We wrote about it in our tattoo aftercare article «», but we’d like to pay more attention on this because aftercare is as important as tattoo session.

Tattoo inks come under your skin through microtraumas which are created using a tattoo machine. . So for the first few days tattoo is an open wound in fact. So please pay enough attention to your body and follow our recommendations until your tattoo is completely healed.

At Cartel Tattoo Studio we will give you a list of instructions how to take care. Be responsible and follow all of them so your tattoo will heal well.


We also highly recommend to hide tattoo from sunlights (it concerns fresh and old ones). You can cover it with clothing or protecting creme (SPF 35 or more). Suchwise your tattoo will save saturation longer.


What determines the price on tattoo?

Price is flexible and depends on some aspects such as: size of tattoo, complexity and
placement. Also master’s skill and equipment quality matters. Our studio offers you high
quality service provided by professional team which uses world-class equipment and supplies.

Why is it so expensive?

Quality tattoo is an art work, which is applied on your skin for the rest of your life. It must be done by professionals, with quality supplies and under sterile conditions.
It’s up to you where you’re going to make it. But take your choice very seriously.

How should I prepare myself for a tattoo?

You should be rested, sober and well-fed before and during the session. It is NOT recommended
to drink alcohol 2-3 days before, because it may affect the session and even have negative
impact on the healing process.

Which body part should I choose?

You can locate tattoo anywhere on your body, depending on sketch size. We DO NOT recommend
making tattoos where there is thin skin, such as hands, fingers, feet, elbows etc. Because of
fast regeneration of that body parts, you’ll need frequent corrections afterwards.

How do I take care about tattoo?

The following info is available at our blog page.

How do I take care about piercing?

The following info is available at our blog page.

How is the laser removal procedure carried out?

The procedure is carried out with a neodymium laser. Ray impacts on those areas of the skin
where tattoo is applied. It is carried out by a specially trained personnel in compliance
with all safety standards.
The session lasts about 5-30 minutes, depending on tattoo size.

How many sessions of laser tattoo removal do I need?

It may take 2-10 sessions according to your desired result (complete removal/preparing for cover up)
and tattoo ink quality.
It is highly recommended to repeat procedure no more often than once per 5 weeks.

Is it painful to do a tattoo?

Rather yes than no. But it also depends on many factors, such as: size, location of tattoo
and your own pain threshold. We took care of it and that’s why we have innovating ointment which
reduces the pain.

Do you make temporary tattoos?

Temporary tattoos DO NOT EXIST!!! If someone tells you opposite – just leave and never come back:)
(unless it’s henna or sticker-tattoos)

How safe is it?

We guarantee safety for your health during any procedure at our studio. We use only disposable
supplies. Master’s equipment is being sterilized by use of certificated medical solutions and in
autoclave. All surfaces are sterilized by disinfectants. The facilities are treated with
quartz lamps.