Tattoo courses

Tattoo training at Cartel Studio in Odesa.

We offer you professional instruction in artistic tattoo.

Tattoo master is a highly demanded profession, which allows to improve your artistic skills and while you can work anywhere around the world.

Our top masters have prepared a special course for you. It contains not only a dry theory but also practical studies. During the process you will have an opportunity to practice on false skin which simulates human's one. Also you will make a real tattoo under control of our master.

Classes at Cartel Tattoo are always individual. So you can be sure that 100% of master's attention will be yours.

Our main goal is to identify and develop your individual style because this is a key to success of every famous master.

We provide quality consumables for tattoos for the whole studying period. We also help you to find a model if necessary.

Masters of Cartel Tattoo Studio will aquaint you with safety standards and also teach you how to organize working space.

We believe that it's always the right time to get new knowledge and to change something in your life. Cartel Studio will be glad to help you making first step towards your goal and head your creativity in the right direction.

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