Tattoo prices

The minimum price for the simplest tattoo in our studio is currently 3000₴ UAH (80 USD).

The price of a tattoo can vary significantly, and often it turns out to be quite high. This is explained by several factors that influence the cost of a tattoo. Let’s consider these reasons in more detail:

  • Complexity and size of the design: If the design is more complex or large in size, it requires more time and skill from the tattoo artist. For example, intricate details, fine lines, or shading require more attention and precision in the work.
  • Placement of the tattoo: Each part of the body has its own peculiarities and difficulties for tattooing. Tattooing on a flat surface, such as the shoulder, may be easier to execute than on curved or more sensitive areas, such as ribs or the neck.
  • Skill level of the tattoo artist: The experience and skill of the tattoo artist are important factors that affect the price. More experienced artists, whose work is widely recognized and popular, may have a higher cost for their services.
  • Quality of materials used: To ensure a safe and high-quality tattoo, it is important to use top-notch materials such as needles, inks, and other tools. These materials have their own costs, which are reflected in the overall price of the procedure.

Additionally, the price of a tattoo can vary depending on the reputation and popularity of the studio or artist, as well as regional peculiarities and competition in the tattoo market.

It is important to understand that tattooing is a process that requires time, effort, professionalism, and the use of high-quality materials. A low price for a tattoo does not always indicate high-quality work. The quality of a tattoo is determined by the professionalism of the artist, their experience, ability to work with different styles, and the use of correct techniques. If the price of a tattoo is too low, it may indicate the use of cheap materials, lack of necessary skills, or an inexperienced artist.

Therefore, before choosing a tattoo, it is important to pay attention to the professionalism of the artist and the quality of their work, rather than just focusing on the price. After all, a tattoo is an investment in your appearance and self-expression, so it is worth choosing high quality and trusting an experienced tattoo artist.

Thank you for your interest in our tattoo studio, and we hope to see you soon!