Piercing is one of the most popular ways of body modification. During the procedure a small puncture is being made with sterile needle and you can put various types of embellishment in it.

That’s perfect option for ones who love body experiments, because you can remove it any time and the hole will disappear in some time remaining a barely visible dotted scar.


At Cartel Studio we use only safe sterile tools and high-quality piercing materials. Here you can discuss and choose embellishment material in advance (stainless steel/titanium/bioplast). It reduces risk of allergic reactions and has a benificial effect on piercing healing terms.


Piercing types. There is a wide range of piercing types — from classic (ear, nose, belly etc.) to extreme (tunnels, planar, intimate).

You can make such kinds of piercings at our studio:

  • ear (classic, helix, tragus, industrial),
  • nose (wing, septum),
  • lips,
  • tongue,
  • eye brow,
  • belly,

Price includes stainless steel embellishment, it is an optimal material for new piercing and is suitable for most people.

You can also take your earring and we will place it if it is suitable and won’t cause negative reactions which could make healing period longer.


Healing time is individual and depends on masterity of piercer, sterility during the process, also on your treatment and where it is located. For example piercings at mucous heal faster than nipple or navel. If you follow instructions about taking care of puncture, piercing usually heals in 2-4 weeks.


We highly recommend NOT to move or scroll embellishment at the stage of channel formation ( i.e. Until complete healing). Also you don’t need to rush with changing earring, because it may cause inflammation of puncture.

In case it does happen, you must contact qualified master and ask for recommendations on how to eliminate negative consequences (such as inflammation, redness, suppuration). You should solve such problems really fast to avoid consequences otherwise please consult with doctor.

Even if you had piercings from another master we will gladly help you if you have any questions.

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