Tattoo artist minimalism Odesa

Graphics, Line work, Whip shading, Dot work
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Tattoo artist minimalism Odesa

My closest people often told me that I am a creative person. But only after passing through a long way from being a financial analyst to freelancing illustrator, I became fully engaged in art. From early childhood I loved to draw. And now my childish hobby has grown into a favourite job.

I like to transfer my sketches from paper to people's skin. For someone it's just a decoration, others associate tattoos with important moments in their lives and put a certain meaning into it. Anyway tattoo is a way of self-expression and it is very valuable for me to be involved into this. I really love it when a person comes only with idea and together we create an individual sketch that stays unique and never repeats itself.

I prefer graphic tattoo style and try to stylize all sketches at my own technique of fulfillment: using thin lines and delicate points?



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