Tattoo removal

Today laser removal is the most effective way to get rid of bad-quality or annoying tattoo / permanent makeup.   You can consult and take a course of removal from qualified master at our studio. Only a properly conducted session guarantees safety of the procedure without skin damages.   At Cartel Tattoo Studio we use neodymium laser (Q-Switch ND:Yag Technology), which is the most optimal device. It provides low cost of procedure with high efficiency level.   How laser works. Laser beam splits ink particles under the skin without any damage for covering or hairline. It comes through upper layer of the skin and interacts only with those areas where tattoo inks are. During the session micro-explosion of pigment occurs and its molecules disintegrate into smaller pieces which will be naturally eliminated from your body (with the lymphatic system).   Tattoo may become brighter in a few days after session because of raising of ink particles on upper layers of the skin. First results will be revealed within a month.   It should pass at least 1.5 months between sessions so your skin will completely reveal.   Number of sessions is individual and depends on your final goal: to remove tattoo entirely or to lighten it for cover up. Also removal process is affected by such factors as ink quality, how deep it was applied under your skin, in what technique tattoo was made, thickness of skin. Colour tattoos especially shades of red, yellow and green are harder to remove by laser, therefore it takes more time to get rid of these areas. It usually takes about 10-15 sessions for complete removal and about 3-5 sessions to prepare tattoo for cover up.   The duration of procedure is about 5 to 30 minutes depending on size of tattoo.   How to prepare to laser removal session. It's highly recommended to stay out of direct sunlight for 10-14 days before the session. There should not be any rashes on the skin. This procedure is not recommended for those who have a tendency to form keloid scars. Session takes a few minutes but you should be prepared that sometimes it's a quite a painful procedure (on some parts of body). Our master will apply a special anesthetic ointment which will keep you from uncomfortable sensations, if needed.   Recommendations after laser removal procedure. After session skin may blush because of the reaction to laser beam. Sometimes crust appears on this area and you should NOT scratch it or rip it off. We offer you following aftercare recommendations:
  • apply special ointment ( Panthenol, Pantestin, Bepanten etc ) 2-3 times a day for 10-14 days;
  • avoid water contacts with impacting zone for 1-3 days;
  • protect impact zone from sunlights;
  • do not scratch, do not rub;
  • do not visit sauna / baths.